Spring Knitty is up!

:yay: The new spring knittyis up!!

I can’t reach it. home page still dispays winter 07

omg i looooooooooove Jaden!!!

ETA: and talia… i’ll definitly be making that!!!

:thumbsup: The knitty e-mail I got had this in the first part if you couldn’t view it…
“Please empty your browser’s cache, but if it’s not working, you can always find the new issue by the direct link”

well - nothing was working for a bit; then the index page cam,e up but the pattern page wouldn’t. I was getting 404 - page not found.

but now it’s working~!

woohoo!!! I haven’t checked it yet but the page is loading. :woot::woot::woot:

ETA: Luminaria and Salto are beautiful! I think the Spyrogyra stitch would be gooorgeous in socks :smiley: Ooh and the Brighton purse!

Thanks for posting that…I haven’t done any Knitty patterns yet…working up to one since it is a fairly big one…but the Spirogyra gloves look pretty cool! :cheering:

Checking it out right now…it’s taking forever to load. :waah:

Taking ages for me to load too, but I think the entire of Ravelry’s looking at the same time! I love this issue, Laminaria’s my favourite, I’m even thinking it would be beautiful as my wedding veil, and I love Jaden too… so many pretty stitches!

I have to admit this time - i love about 70% of the patterns, which is a lot! Jaden is lovely without the ribbons and the Saito socks and Yosemite… Why can’t i knit at work?

WOW what a GREAT issue. I love all the patterns!! dang my queue is just growing!!

And there are a fair number of plus-sizes! :woohoo:

I know! I was so excited when all the tops I liked went up to my size!! Woot!

I love Jaden, Yosemite and Marjorie, but I’m really too fat for any of them. :teehee: Maybe I can talk my 14 year old into letting me make them for her.

every pattern, but I"ve already printed off several. :cheering:

Must knit faster. I’ve got such a list and it just grew by about 6 patterns.

Those three patterns went straight into my Ravelry queue. I had a sweater all picked out to knit as a reward to myself for losing weight, but I think I may end up doing one of these three instead. Now I just have to finish the sock I’m working on first…

I just checked my e-mail and there it was. Yeah! :cheering:

:drool: over Spirogyra. I like Nob Hill too!

Ooo, yay!! I love new Knitty issues. And, there are definitely some cute things in here.

Is anyone else hoping that leg warmers become a bit more fashionable? Because, Mosey looks really fun to make, but I’m not sure if I’m cutting edge enough to wear them. Hmm…