Spring issue of Interweave Knits

Have you seen the previews?

Some pretty pretty things for us to knit! :woohoo:

I think top of my list are the Petal Halter, the Whisper Cardigan, The Silk Cocoon Carigan and Jeff’s Pub Sweater. (although i could add several more to the list!) cloud9

I never knew i was such a fan of cardigans! :yay:

I’ve seen it, i’m not quite sure about it yet. IK has a way of sinking with me. I need to get it, fondle it, look through, put it away… Then come back to it and think again:teehee:

Some lovely patterns, unfortunately I’m overwhelmed with patterns and hate to add any more.

The Blooming Cotton Scarf and Petal halter are great! I always look at IK at the bookstore, love a few things, get overwhelmed by the patterns I like and then put it back on the shelf. The Petal Halter may just get me to purchase a copy already!

Oooo can’t wait till I get it!

Oooh…there are several patterns in this issue I’d like to make:

Millefori Cardigan
Fountain Pen Shawl
Sweet Tee
Jeff’s Pub Sweater
Diminishing Ribs Cardigan

I admit that the last few issues of IK didn’t have too many patterns I really liked, but this one looks like a good one. Thanks for sharing it!

I would love to make:
Silk Cocoon Cardigan
Posy Slip (even though I probably don’t have the figure for it)
Fountain Pen Shawl (not usually a shawl fan, but :inlove:)
Sweet Tee
Soap Bubble Wrap
Parker Cardigan
Zigzag Tunic

What can I say… I’m a big fan of IK :teehee:

I wanna knit the lace stockings, they are so cute!

The Soap Bubble Wrap is available for free now on Knitting Daily!

sigh… I’ve been debating whether to re-subscribe and this issue has made the decision for me. Even though I don’t make much out of it (plus sized person here) I learn a lot about yarn and techniques by reading it. The bubble wrap sweater does have some plus sizing so I may make that for myself!

OMIGOD I love this issue. Issues like these are why I lOVE knitting. I just want to knit everything. MUST TAKE A KNITTING VACATION!!

Anybody in the UK know which shops it will be available in?