Spring is here!

I’ve been busy scrubbing the concrete floor of my greenhouse,

getting ready to
plant. I snagged a few tomato plants, and got a packet of peas, ornamental gourds,
and will probably get some already-started herbs.
I had to scrub the mildew and mold off the concrete, 'cause there wasn’t sufficient drainage.
When hubby and I poured the concrete, (now, that’s a backbreaking job!)
we forgot to make it slant towards the drain.
By the way, if you’re wondering why a concrete floor in a greenhouse, one word: Florida.
I tried many times to grow vegetables, without using pesticides, and it was useless.
I never use pesticides on the grapefruit trees, I use ladybugs.
As for my home grown veggies,
the bugs ate my vegetables every time. Overnight, sometimes.
So, the floor is a perfect barrier. No snails, caterpillars, worms, or bugs to chew it all away.

The pollen here is really thick! All over everything! The DOG, even has yellow
places on her white fur! The robins are in my back and front yard, now, digging at the
lawn, making little holes all over the lawn, chirping and hopping around.

I went to Lowe’s today, and got some empty hanging baskets, and then, some
petunias to put in them. Some pink wave petunias, http://www.gardennj.com/wave_petunias.htm
some purple petunias, and some white ones. Oh, also got some tulip bulbs from walmart,
for only 60 cents each. If you look closely, you can get 2 tulips in one container, for the same
Do any of you have a greenhouse, and what do you like to grow in it?
Any gardeners in here? What flowers and vegetables do you grow?
Any problems with insects? It’s AWFUL here! Bugs like crazy!
I have a garden out front with milkweed, for Monarchs, lots of lion’s ear,
and mexican sage bushes,

(not my lawn, but good shot of how HUGE these get!)
Here’s my m.sage:

which attract skipper moths, these little hummingbird moths, and butterflies.
Plus I plant verbena, gaillardia, buddleia, and phlox.

How nice to think that in some places spring is near! I’m still right in the thick of winter where spring seems a million months away! :teehee:

Yes. spring is definitely here! The redbud trees are blooming, the azaleas are blooming, pollen everywhere, and the days are getting warmer.

I would trade it all, though, for some year round cool days.

The bad thing about living here is the heat, which makes the steering wheel of the car so hot it can burn you.
Melts everything left in the car, boils thermometers to bursting if left in the sun, people getting sunstroke, the fleas, mosquitoes, flies, gnats,
and nuisance bugs are everywhere.
Plus, the concerns over getting hit with a hurricane.
The winds will cause the most damage inland, the tides erode the beaches.

:passedout: I totally forgot what a flower looks like. It’s -20 Celsius here. :zombie: After all these months, I can’t take it anymore! No living being wants to be alive in this weather. :teehee:

I am sooooo jealous - I love to garden but will need to wait several more months. Lucky you!!! Enjoy.

Okay- that’s just mean. It’s so cold here that your skin can freeze in 3 minutes. I’m so cold in my apartment that I’m wearing sweatpant, an undershirt, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt and socks and I’m covered by a blanket and I’m STILL cold. I’ll post snow pictures tomorrow when we get another dumping!

Your yarn and green house are BEAUTIFUL!! Oh I want to vacation at YOUR house right about now…it was -23 yesterday with the wind chill and I got a very pretty garden mag in the mail today with a greenhouse, imagined the steamy feeling you get when you’re in one… ahhh… :wink:

Thanks for sharing. Where in FL are you? My mom is just south of Cape Canaveral…she just got 6 tomatoes off her plants…yum.

And here I am, awaiting tomorrow and the predicted 8 inches of snow…

Well, our spring is beautiful, just have to wait another two months.
But we certainly appreciate the taste of what’s to come.
While you are gardening, photolady, think of us up here who are watching the snowflakes and skating in our backyard rinks. Winter is very pretty too.

Oh love the flowers oh yummie tomatoes. Oh well dream on me for another couple of months. NO snow here all winter just plain cold.
The moth is beautiful never new what they were. My husband had one on his tummy one summer up North. He tried to explain what it was. I showed him your moth and said that’s it. So he thanks you also.:teehee:
Funny not to take your thread here but last month I am sitting at my computer, I look down and I swear This is true a Monarch Butterfly on the flower. The poor thing was dead. I don’t know how it got in the house. They are big caterpillers (sp) So I could save it I had my husband put it in a sheet that sticks to it self. It is on my hutch now. The kids love looking at it. Your pictures reminded me of the find.
Again sorry to take away from your wonderful pictures on the garden and your greenhouse.cloud9

Lucky you. I am so envious. The snow has started here again and 20 cm is predicted by tomorrow. And more again on Friday and more again next Monday. I am really not enjoying winter this year.

Funny… The early onset of spring and summer is exactly what I don’t miss about living in Florida! Last night’s snowstorm, though, was a disappointment… only because it’s raining today. Still.

Sounds terribly cold! You want to pretend you’re in Florida, like, in August, here?
Here’s what to do: turn on your shower, till it’s very humid, then, put 2 heaters in your bathroom, with the shower going, let it heat up, then, put on 4 layers of clothes, and run in place for about 15 minutes.
That’s how it feels, going from the car to the store, in Florida.
Yes, we have pretty weather, but, you pay for it in summer.

I spent a summer in Wisconsin, and it was lovely!!

I don’t blame you. I’ve lived here ALL my life, too.

You must live in Michigan or North Dakota.

I heard about that awful weather. Do what I told IZA to do, and you’ll warm up fast!!

I’m in n.e. Florida.
Yeah, down south, I’m sure she started growing tomatoes about a month or 2 ago.