Spring is here and the bugs are coming out

It’s Minnesota here so our state bird, the mosquito, is out in full force already! I’ve never seen but a few moths here but am wondering how to know if we have the kind that eat wool. If we do I need to get busy and get my stash safely stored. Anybody know how to tell if those particular moths (or able to tell me what they are called) are in your region?

I noticed, when we moved into this house 3.5 years ago that there are huge moths and little moths around here. The little ones are the ones that chew through your clothes. Now, this is the weird part, our old house is less than a mile away… in the 7 years we lived there I never, ever saw one single moth. Over here you can’t move at night without getting smacked in the face by one, and the live around the lights in the gardens.

We also have a huge cedar closet out in the garage where we store clothes that are out of season. I haven’t noticed any damage on any of the clothes in various closets, but I’m manic about keeping the moths out of the house.