Spreading the knittinghelp.com word

I brought my knitting to the car dealership the other day to pass the time while I was waiting for my oil to be changed. Another woman was knitting and we began to chat. She told me she needed to review increasing but could never find help because she knit continental. “Do I have the website for you!”, I told her. I explained that I learned how to knit continental on this site and the videos were great. I also told her about the forum.

Do any of you have similar experiences?

Way to go!!!

We have a small mother-daughter knitting group, and I ALWAYS recommend KH–it’s how I learned as much as I do now! I could never have gotten to where I am without sitting in front of these videos!!

Thanks, Amy & Sheldon!

My DH is a moderator on another forum. One of the people he corresponds with (female) posted about wanting to learn to knot and needed help. SHe then emailed my DH for suggestions. He asked me and I referred her here. She has since contacted him with positive feedback on the site.

I was in the store not long ago, looking at yarn of course, and there was a lady who asked if I was a knitter. Told her yes, and we chatted a bit about yarn, etc. She said she was pretty new to knitting, and I gave her this site to come to.

I’m teaching some girls in my sons school to knit and I am going to give them this site for them to refer to and watch the videos.

This is a great site.

I have to say one 12 yo girl is just a natural. She has picked it up so easy and is now on her third project.


I joined a knitting group and the organizer is now a member of KH. I told my sister and she is going to join as well. I too would not be nearly as good at knitting if it were not for this site. I have improved about 75% since joining in September of last year.

Thanks again Amy and Sheldon!

I’ve told my Mom, cousin, and friend about this site. As a couple others have said, I wouldn’t be where I am today (or knitting at all, more than likely) if I hadn’t found KH.:muah: :heart: :happydance: :notworthy:

I have told a lot of people…alot of people at my LYS. I told a couple of friends it is a great place to go when you can’t go to the LYS…you can go to your friends at KH and always find help!:muah:


I tell people about this website all the time. I even had a wish once to have a link in this site, where U could Print a page of Card Stock, that would have Knittinghelp.com and my nic-name on here, but for every user.
I use calling cards all the time, and I tell SO MANY people about this website (and a couple others I am fond of)
I have even had a person at a knitting group I was at stop talking in mid-conversation, and turn to me when the person asked about any good web resources for her knitting. you see, she just KNEW (as did 3 other ladies in the room) that I would Chime up with KH plug on the spot


I tell people about KH all the time. I had a bartender write down the url tonight because he wanted to see pics of my work.

Way to go,Mason. The ‘visual’ of a guy behind a bar knitting is just wonderful!

I’ve told a lot of people about this site, the last was a woman in the Borders coffee area who was interested in the sock I was working on.

As I sat in the hospital with my husband, he has kidney stones. His doctor came in to just say hi and that Lithotriply would be on time. So there I am knitting away on dh’s socks and the doctor looks at me and says I knit too!!! He has just started knitting with his wife. Yup gave them the KH address. Said his wife would love it.


My dentist just started knitting and I wrote down the url for my husband to give to him last time he went to see him. Unfortunately, none of my family or friends knit.

I brag about this site all the time to newbie knitters. I know I wouldn’t be where I’am knitting wise if it wasn’t for this site. I’m a visual person and need to see steps in action to ‘get it’.