Sports motif graphs needed

I have made the Celebration Pullover sweater from the book called “KIDS< A KNITTER’S DOZEN”.
This is a sweater with separate panels that button on to the front of the sweater and have a pattern for a heart, sun, pumpkin, christmas tree, etc.
We have twin grandchildren (girl and boy) Most of the designs are more suitable for girls rather than boys and I would love to have graphs for baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. to make one for my grandson. Does anyone know of knitting graphs with sports motifs that would measure approximately 39 sts wide by 28 sts long?
This certainly would make a three year old happy.

I’m not sure if they’re the size you want, but the above site has some, or you can make your own using a downloaded picture here:

Thank you so much for your reply. I did find that website and have printed out their graphs. They were just what I needed but are larger than the sweater panels will accomodate.
I went to your other suggestion but don’t know how to use. I e-mailed them the other website to see if they could advise me what I need to do to use their service. Thanks again.