Sports Knitting

Anyone know of any good sports related projects? I think it’d be fun to do a Red Sox…thing :lol:

You could take the colors from any team and make hats/afghans/sweaters/scarves etc. There probably are patterns that have sports team related patterns on them though… :think:

:shrug: HMM - why knit Boston Red Sox :ick: gear when we all know the Yankees are the BEST !? :happydance:

Your poor choice of teams aside, I find cross-stitch and crochet patterns more widely available than knitting and tend to adjust the logo graph to fit my knitting needs. I have also used my hubby’s engineering graph paper to create my own intarsia logos.

I think my ultimate goal is to make a red and black blanket with the Houston Astros logo in black with a small white outline around it so it “pops”…

But before I get THAT creative…Im thinking about some logo festooned dishclothes. :roflhard: Just gotta figure out how to make the star work in a pattern. :thinking:

I like the idea of the dishcloths, something simple but handmade and fun!

Hmm…if only you could find a pattern for a bandwagon :roflhard:. But seriously, the graph paper’s a great idea. Completely OT, French students use graph paper as normal note taking paper, boggles the mind…

You could try this

That’s a great application!

:teehee: Word.

Jumbo, you could always just knit…red socks!

(I slay myself.)

You might find these patterns interesting:

Rorshach, i l:heart:ve those socks!!! i may have to knit those for my dad. and me, of course. :teehee: