Sports afghan

I want to crochet an afghan for my grandson now that he’s in a “big boy’s bed”.
I can’t find any patterns w/sports, i.e., basebalols, footballs, etc. on them!

Not a real pattern, but what I did for myself was to just take the colors of my favorite football team and crochet.

I can’t see it but I think I went 2 skeins of blue, 1 skein of orange (Da Bears). Then I worked in blue until I was half way across and worked that much more before going back to 1 skein of orange and 2 skeins of blue.

You could also break up the secondary color to match the number of stripes on their jerseys.
If he’s a sports fan the colors of his team should be enough.

If it’s a simple emblem like the Bears “C” you could cross stitch it on.

There is a book called Vanna Whites Favorites Afagans I think It has a pattern for a blanket that is done like a football field, green, with a football in the middle and the white lines at the outside edges and even has the end zones on it ! I made it a few years ago.

It is this book:

Vanna’s Afghans A to Z: 52 Crochet Favorites


Have you ever used a graph? If you need some help I could help with this just let me know. I love doing designs with graphs.