Sport Wt Cotton for Vicki Howell's Kick Ass-cot!?

I want to knit Vicki Howell’s Kick Ass-cot! scarf. It calls for a sport weight cotton yarn, of which I have none. Since I have no LYS, I’ll have to order something. Any suggestions for a sport weight cotton yarn that would drape prettily? :thinking:

Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? They have some sport weight cotton called Sinfonia. I haven’t worked with it yet, so I couldn’t tell you how good it is to work with. I bought it for a sweater I wanted to try and knit, but I haven’t started it yet.

I don’t have any yarn suggestions but isn’t that just the cutest little ass-cot ever! Thanks for asking the question b/c now you’ve given me a new pattern to love!

Annomally, I don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, only Wal-Mart. There is a small craft store in town which has a very limited selection of yarn, and that’s it. :shrug: Thanks for that suggestion, though. Whatever I use, I’m going to have to order online.

Christi, I agree, that is such a cute little scarf! I can see it dressing up a nice outfit, or even going with something casual like jeans and a top. :heart:

Knitpicks Shine is sportweight.