Is anyone else looking forward to this release? It isn’t coming out until Sunday, in North America, and I’ve been addicted to watching the youtube videos and stalking the EA website.

I don’t think my video card is supported, though :waah: I have NVIDIA GeForce 60 7400 . I totally don’t have the money to go upgrade it either sigh .

I guess I’ll be living vicariously through you all…

It looks interesting, but I’m not going to get involved in this one. I don’t like fighting games. I don’t mind watching others play them (like my hubby or my 3 sons).

I think it’s neat that it was designed by the same guy that made The Sims. I’m still addicted to that game.

I bought it today, and it’s awesome!!! Shandeh, you don’t have to take a fighting path, you can make friends and sing and dance with everyone, too. I started out as an herbivore, but I started running out of food, lol, so I “evolved” to an omnivore. There’s a DS version too, but I don’t think it looks as cool…

Now THAT would be more my speed. :slight_smile:

I have a DS, but usually play Animal Crossing, or Nintendogs, or Harvest Moon on it. Maybe I’ll ask for Spore for Christmas. :wink:


I’m so glad you posted about Spore. I was listening to NPR and heard an interview with the designer and it sounded too cool. I ordered it from Amazon and should get it Wednesday.

Just so you know, I bought it “for my son.” At least he thinks so!

Can’t wait to play it!


yay!!! I played it for like 5 hours yesterday… i lose a lot of time creating my creature, eg, trying the different arms and claws and changing the shapes of the body parts, positioning the weapons and etc just right… then there’s all the different paint options for the coat. :noway: It’s so easy to get lost! I finished the first 2 stages, cell and creature, and i just started the tribal stage… this is where it’s more like the Sims, you have a group of creatures to give directions to, make sure they eat, fight off or charm the enemy, etc… The cool thing is that once you pass one of the stages, you can start a new game in any of the stages you’ve unlocked.

Anyway, I told myself that I wasn’t going to play today, but everytime I look at my textbook, I see the Spore box sitting right next to it…
… maybe just for an hour :shifty: :teehee:

I didn’t look at this thread at first because I thought it was some crazy music group or something, but after reading a couple replies I did…and OMG WHY DID I LOOK?? :roflhard: It looks super cute!

Off to investigate further and maybe add to wish list…

you thought I started a thread about a crazy music group??? :roflhard:

Yeah, well you’re younger than me and probably still like crazy music groups. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I downloaded the trial creature creator and put the game on my Amazon list. I can’t figure out the difference between the galaxy version and the regular one… other than $30 or so…

ETA: Never mind, I figured it out.

Spore link for those who dare… :teehee:

yeah, with the galaxy version you get a poster and a DVD on how it was made… you can watch how it was made on youtube, along with a bunch of other movies, like a preview of each stage and how to make the creatures, and etc; there’s a whole Spore channel. Anyway, not worth the extra 30 bucks IMHO.

:roflhard: You can practice creating a creature online!

Is it like Black and white? I bought that but I couldn’t get the hang of it. I like Caesar III and civilization 3 but version 4 in both those games was too much for my ancient laptop - There’s few newer games I can run any more:sad:

I can’t get the trial to work so I don’t know if the game will even work. :help:

Here’s mine!

I don’t need anymore reasons to sit in front of my computer, I think I’ll stay with my Pogo membership. I know how to play the games there.

Cute, Sandy!

OMG! I got it to work and look how cute my creature is!!

Whoa! Slick!
I am quite frightened by his wicked HUGE stinger, though! :help:

Ours came a day earlier than we expected. I gave my son his copy at about 2:30 this afternoon and he is already heading into outer space after conquering an entire planet. As for me, I’m making friends with all the species on my planet. Unfortunately, we can only register for one of us to go online and it looks like ds wins.

But my dd and I are having fun.

It is addicting to say the least.

Awww Wooby wouldn’t hurt you! Look how cute she is! And she can dance! :roflhard: