Spool Knitting?

My daughter had a thing I think is a spool knitter. Anyway, her sister (10) claimed it and is hooked. Since I have never been able to get her to do much of anything of an artistic nature I am thrilled. However, does anyone know what she can make using the “cords”? They are about 1/2" across. I don’t want her to get discouraged so I need to find something to use them for. Please help!

Google on “knitting knobby” and they have sites with suggestions of what to do with the tubes. I think finger puppets is one idea, if you glue on googly eyes, etc.

Thread elastic thru to make hair scrunchies.
Headbands to hold hair back.
Braid several together to make belts.
Put a ring on on end and make key fobs.
Purse straps.
Sew them together to make the purse for the purse straps.
Weave and tie off ends (or sew around edge) to make hot pads.

Doll leg warmers!

That’s all I can brainstorm in 2 minutes…


You ladies are great! I googled it and found a few item. That with carollovesyarn’s list should keep her interested for quite a while. Thank you. :smiley: