Sponsor: Children's International

Has anyone ever sponsored a child before? My mother and I were thinking about doing this together. It costs $22 a month so she was going to pay $11 a month and I would pay $11 and if it turns out we like it we’ll both sponsor our own child. My mom is 48 and i guess because I am getting older she wants to still take care of a small child lol You see I am an only child and my mom is a single parent and she feels for parents or single parents struggling to support their children. She had some hard times when I was a baby and now that she has a good job,im grown, and shes more financially stable she wants to help others in need:mrgreen:I love my mom she has such a big :heart: and so much love to share:muah:If anyone has any sponsorship experiences I would love to hear them!

We sponsor a child through Holt International. A boy in China. We have sponsored him for 7 years. We get quarterly reports and a nice photo.

Holt International is my daughters adoption agency. They work in many countries through out the world. Not just with adoption; they also provide releif services and education and support for family preservation so that adverse circumstances don’t cause children to be placed in orphanages. And in some countries they do work and education and provide care in orphanages. It all depends on what the country and children there need. The sponsorship money is actually pooled for the entire program- in my case China -to benefit all children, but the report on the individual child helps one feel connected. You can choose a country of interest to you or you can choose “where the need is greatest” and you will be surprised by what you get.

Their web site is www.holtintl.org. Sponsors also get their monthly magazine and they annually publish their financial report and their administraive costs are low. Last I check with an online charity rating they were 4 out of 5 stars.

I really beleive that Holt International is a reliable organization where the money goes where it is supposed to. Our experiences in adopting our daughter through Holt were excellent.

We adopted a child through the Save the Children foundation.
We adopted a 14 yr old girl from Korea as a class at my school when I was 14. Hyereong and I became friends and were penpals for over 5 years.

We lost contact due to outside interference. She sent me things she did in school.