Spongy foam?

I have a play coming up that I play the part of a pregnant woman, and I am looking for spongy or soft foam to make a pregnancy stomach-the ones online are like $600 and I am not getting paid for the part! So if anyone has any idea where to get this that would be really helpful! thanks

You can get upholstery foam at fabric store (JoAnn’s around here). You buy it by the yard, so design what you think you’ll want and calculate the yardage first. To shape it and keep it all in place (since you’ll need to layer it), I’d probably wrap it in fabric and sew the fabric tightly to your “stomach”, and come up with some sort of belt and/or suspenders system to keep it from slipping.

Have you tried a maternity store or bridal shop? They have bellies for the women to try on with the clothes. You might be able to check one out, or purchase an older one.