Spoke to Meg Swansen today! Whee!

So I called Schoolhouse Press to ask about a pattern, and ended up getting transferred to Meg Swansen, who was absolutely lovely. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she picked up!

What was also amazing was her enthusiasm about the pattern. How lovely that someone can remain so passionate about something they have to teach over and over again.

It continues to deeply sadden me that EZ is gone … but what a wonderful daughter she raised!


OMG ! Wow, that’s so awesome :shock: :thumbsup:

WOW! That’s just WILD!! :happydance:

I am totally jealous!!! Or is that envious. Doesn’t matter. I’m turning green!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: for you!!! samm

That’s funny…I talked to her one time last year, I called to get one of the issues of the newsletter & she picked up, then wouldn’t take my credit card # for the $5, said to just send a check & not bother with a credit card bc knitters could be trusted! How cool is that?! She is very, very sweet!!

I :heart: knitters!!!

Great to hear she’s got the time to talk! I have a question re something EZ states in her book… just got confused this morning. Will post it seperately though. cheers !

Wow, Alison, that’s fantastic! :thumbsup: