Splitting threads?

I’ve seen some write that their Options interchangeables are splitting the yarn threads… what does that mean? how can it be prevented?

Some yarns are splitty, no matter what needles you use. Because the Options are pointy, they can split the yarn if you’re not careful. This just means that you don’t get the entire loop on your needle–rather the needle passes through the yarn and you end up only knitting half the loop and having a half-loop hanging.

If you look carefully at yarn you will see that it is actually depending on the type 3-4 thin threads twisted together. Splitting the yarn happens whe you catch one or two of the threads and not the whole strand. I’m not sure of a sure fire way of avoiding splitting since all yarns are different. The only way I know is to be really careful and making sure you get the whole stitch and not just part of it when knitting.

Thanks for the quick reply. Thankfully I haven’t had too much of that yet, but I’ve only done scarves so far.