Split Neckline Tee from Fitted Knits

[SIZE=“6”][COLOR=“Red”]Oops, [/COLOR]never mind[/SIZE]. The directions to fold over and sew together at the end. My mind just kept expecting the folding over and sewing together to be done right away and so I just kept looking at that part of the instructions

I’ve looked at the errata and the KAL page and don’t see anything about it. I’m just not understanding how this works. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

This tee has a hemline, neckline trim and sleeve trim that looks like picot type shape. You know, pointy scallops. The directions say to K for 7 rounds, then (yo, k2tog) for one round, then k for 7 more rounds and BO. Does this make a spiky trim? Seems like I would have expected you to have to fold over on that (yo, k2tog) round to get it to be the edge and thus spiky looking. What am I missing? Here’s a pic (click the middle one to make it bigger):


Yours looks so good! Yeah, you fold over so the yo’s and k2tog’s make the spikey trim part.

I tried this in July. I decided to do the neckline too before going on with the body and it is a good thing I did!

It looked OK off but absolutely horrible on. It kind of stood up.

I frogged it.