Split Neck Tee from Fitted Knits

Wow, who would have thought this would take me so long? It’s in Elsebeth Lavold’s cotton frappe. Really, I don’t who comes up with the gauge on these labels. I knit it at 6 stitches to the inch on size 4s instead of the recommended size 6-7 and really, it could be tighter. Anyway, here are pics. More info on the blog.

That is really lovely and it suits you so much. Great work!

Looks terrific!

Fabulous! You’re such a fast knitter! :thumbsup:

:happydance: Looks Wonderful!!!

Beautiful!! :heart: Love the color and that neck detail is fabulous!!

WOW! Gorgeous style and I love the color. It totally suits you!!! I’d love to make something like that, but my big fat bra strap would probably ruin the effect.

All these lovely knits coming out of your hands :passedout:! You’re an inspiration!

Wow! You did a beautiful job!

You do such pretty projects, I love this tee.