Split collar question


I’m making a poncho from Lion brand

So far so good, but either I’m really blonde or it is really late ( 1am ), or both… the end of the pattern says:

Split-Neck Collar With RS facing, pick up and knit 60 sts along neck edge. Cast on 3 sts – 63 sts. Work in Garter st (k every row) until Collar measures 4" [10 cm]. Bind off.
Sew left side seam (do not sew Collar). [COLOR=red]Sew base of Collar flap to inside[/COLOR]. Weave in ends.

[COLOR=black]What does sew base of collar flap to inside mean? [/COLOR]

Thanks in advance!

It looks like they want you to flip it inside out and sew the edge of the collar down to the bottom of the V.

It would help it they showed the front of the poncho, huh?:tap:

Hmmmmm… Do you mean the entire collar or just the opening? Like where the split is? I’m sorry, I’m still lost, and now I’m dreaming about how to finish this!


It looks like you’re going to pick up stitches all around the edge for the collar, plus cast on 3 stitches. The part that’s not attached to the poncho–after knitting those 3 stitches with the rest of them, will be sewn down.

I contacted Lion Brand website with their pattern help link. They actually answered me on a Saturday! Very impressive.

The only problem is, I’m still confused! LOL

If only someone would draw me a picture.

Here is their response:

Hi Beverly,
The they want you tuck the base of the collar (the 3 sts cast on when you picked up stitches) to the inside of the poncho and sew it down.

With Warm Regards,

Have you made that part yet? If not, it should be clearer when it’s in front of you.