Splayed ends on ribbed scarf?

I’ve just finished a ribbed scarf as a Christmas present, but the ends are slightly wider than the main bulk of the scarf. I’ve tried pressing it lightly, but it snaps back out of shape again. Is it worth dampening it and pinning it overnight? It has to be ‘ready’ by tomorrow so I don’t have time to let it dry for days. TIA.

if it is an acrylic scarf it is likely that more blocking won’t help it. when that happens to me i generally add a fringe to hide it but the issue is really with bind off and cast on…sounds like they may be too loose? you could probably try to unravel but not sure how that would work for the cast on end. :shrug:

It’s not acrylic, it’s wool, so it should be blockable (she says, hopefully). Not sure I’m up to unraveling and re-knitting to be honest. I’m a beginner, and full of cold - steaming and pinning seems like the easier option right now. :mrgreen:

Maybe you could try tightening up the cast on row stitch by stitch toward the tail end, and then pulling the excess out by the tail. :shrug:

And re-do the BO tighter and in rib pattern. Or on a size smaller needle.


Thanks for all the advice. I pinned it out overnight and it looks better. For future reference (and because I know I’ll be making more of these scarves in future), how much smaller should the needles be for cast on? And do I also need to transfer the knitting back onto them for cast off?

Thanks again.

I’ve seldom seen a CO that’s too loose, which kind are you using? And to BO with a different needle you don’t have to transfer them; just use the smaller needle to do the BO row. About a size or two smaller - experiment.


CO - is that cast on or cast off? I use the two needles method, as the thumb one seemed to be too loose. The stitches didn’t look too loose - there were no gaps or anything. Thanks for the hint about the smaller needles.

To avoid confusion (?) I use CO for cast on, and BO for bind off.