Spiral scarf

I’ve been reading about these spiral scarves and I need to make myself one. However, I’ve never used circular needles before and I’m finding it hard to picture how it works. The pattern says you split the stitches over the two circular needles (as you end up with over 700 stitches in the row at one point) - I’d have thought you’d use the needles as regular ‘straight’ needles that are just longer. I can’t get my head around how this should be knitted with the stitches split over the two needles. Can anyone shed any light on this for me, please?

Basically you treat the circulars just like straight needles, just not joining the last two cast-ons to make a circle.

So, cast on. Then follow the pattern. When you get to the end of a row, you just switch hands for your needles. The cord on the circulars helps with all of the stitches.

Good luck. It’s a fun scarf. I’m making one now, but I’m using the short-row method from the Scarf Style book. It’s probably the same amount of stitches in the end though.

When you knit using the circs, you would knit just as if you had 2 regular single point straight needles, just knit as you normally would, pretend that the cable that connects the 2 isn’t there. But, as you finish and have more & more sts on the needles, they will fall down onto the cable…in other words, you will have the room to accomodate all of these sts on the cable between the 2 as you are knitting. Does this make any sense?! Sorry, I’m more of a ‘show you’ rather than a ‘tell you’ how things are done.

i think the question is about splitting them over two SETS of circs? i don’t know that i would even want to try that so i am not much help there. i think if you got like a 40inch circ it would probably work though.

maybe this pattern will work better or make more sense?


Yes, I thought that’s what a pair of circs was, but thinking about it again, maybe that’s what one circular needle ‘unit’ is called? So I only need one (long) circular needle then? Thanks all. :smiley:

Sorry…I completely blanked on the ‘splitting them over 2 sets of circs’ bc I would never do that…sorry :blush: