Spiral Rib Hat Help on Marker

Stuck in an Ann Norling pattern Spiral Hat. while I understand I have to move my marker (to create spiral) I am stuck in the pattern stich

Row 4 K2,P2 rep to last 4 sts. End with K2,P1.
Move marker 1 St to right (work 1 st before marker,so St onto right needle, remove marker, place sl St back on left needle & place marker)


I followed to last 4 sts moved marker (working on circular needles) if I stop there and continue in pattern where does the sl St come in?

Also the way I see it I’m working k2 P2 so this leaves me with a start of a K on a P???

If anyone can shed some light I would so appreciate it


It seems to me that what you want to do is work to the last 4 sts, k2 p1, slip the 4th stitch to the right needle, take off marker, slip the stitch back to the left needle, place marker on the right needle, start off with k2p2 rib again. You’re beginning the round all over again from the newly placed marker.

Thank you I will give it a try. you have made it make more sense.

I tried your suggestion but I must still be missing something. if I slip stitch to right needle move marker over to right needle sl St back to left… I still have a P to work. If I am starting new row should be a k for K2P2

But if the rib spirals, you [I]want [/I]to be offset by one stitch, probably on each round. You wouldn’t work the last purl, but start over with the k2p2 rib.

Hi Becky,

If I don’t work the last purl, why sl St to right needle move marker sl st back? If I sl st back its a P1 at beginning of row. Pattern reads as move marker every 4th row.