Spiral I-cord - how do I make one?

I taught a friend to make I-cord yesterday. she liked it a lot.

But she had an idea right away: Can you make I-cord that has a noticable spin to it? One that really turns round and round and round.

Does anyone have an idea?

It did not happen when we slipped a different stitch every round and it did not happen either, when we cabled 1 stitch over the other.
Maybe I am just not at all creative but I don’t know yet, how to make that or if possible.

Hi! :waving:

Probably when I-cord was first invented, two generations of knitters thereafter worked on figuring out how to keep it from spiraling! Then, oh happy day, it finally lay flat!!! :roflhard:

And now here we come… oh, well! It might not work but here goes…

Work with a fairly long piece of I cord. Thread a blunt-end tapestry needle with yarn. Pull some through the eye of the needle but leave the rest attached to the ball. Starting at the bottom of the I cord, work the needle up the length of the I-cord inside through the center. Keep working until you reach the top, pulling the yarn on the needle up with you. Pull the needle out the top, snip the needle’s yarn off at the bottom (leaving enough to tie a bow). Once the bow is tied at the bottom, start pulling the thread out the top which will gather the I-cord. As it gathers, I think you’ll be able to work it into a spiral shape.

If so, then secure the top end of the yarn and make sure the bottom end with the bow is also secured.

Please let me know if this works! Apologies to those long-ago knitters who invented I-cord, but I just had to try solving this neat knitting puzzle!

Happy gathering!

Ruthie :hug:

PS - Some sewing supply stores have these long metal things with a hook on the end made for turning tubes of fabric right side out. If you have one of these it might be helpful for going down through the center of the I-cord and snagging the scrap yarn. Even a long afghan hook would probably work. You can use the tapestry needle but you will have to fiddle it up the center.

Like this?

Or maybe this?

Hi girls!

I knew you would be THIS great!
The ideas are just what we wanted!
The 2color spiral is great, since I think, my friend might like that even better than just a spiral. So I will make a translation of the instruction for her right away.

The bunching up is great for when you can position it somewhere. But not so much if you use it for a belt or strap, I guess. It might shift…

I will keep it in mind for all sorts of projects.

Thanks a lot for getting me out of my misery!


my friend liked the spiral with the purl rib. Thanks a lot!
I have learned some new trick, too. Just what this forum always does for me :slight_smile: