So anyone here spin? I never really had an interest (you know just one more hobby to spend on goddly amounts of money on!) BUT I watched an episode on Knitty Gritty… now me thinks it might be cool. :??

So now instead of buying piles of yarn, you can buy piles of rovings, and the spindle, and the wheel and the loom and the lessons, eventually the sheep, rabbits and alpacas. So each scarf should run you about, oh, $1500! :smiley:

:roflhard: I know that is what I was thinking. I just looked to see how much a spinning wheel cost. Yeah sure they had spindles that you could make for virtually free - but why would I opt for that :rollseyes:

Of course not. It would have to be in a wood that matches the furniture, too! :wink:

I spin. But instead of spending $1000 on a wooden wheel, my dad is building one for me. I bought a Babe to learn on. It’s a great wheel for not a lot of money! :thumbsup:

Is your dad looking to adopt a new daughter?? Thanks for the Babe link :wink:

:shock: You mean your dad can’t make a spinning wheel either? Whew! I thought it was just me!

you know I bet if I asked him he’d find a way :inlove:

I saw that episode lol I wanted to make that little spinner they showed out of cd and dow rod so I called up dh and asked if we could get a bunny or if I could contact the local dog groomer… I was asked if I had hidden liquor in the house :rollseyes:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m purposely never going to try spinning…just another addiction to add to way too many already.

i bought a spindle and some rovings at the Fleece Fair and haven’t touched it since. A friend is going to try to show me how to do it, but she says spinning on a wheel is much easier than on a drop spindle.