Spinning wheel questions

I am looking to buy a wheel for my daughter and these two are available used locally. They are both in “excellent working condition”. Can anyone give me a recommendation? My daughter can spin with a drop spindle fairly well. I, on the other hand, know nothing about spinning. :???:

The wheels available are the Clemes & Clemes castle style spinning wheel and the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

amy in ne

i don’t own either, but i think the ashford is a more popular wheel, and newer. it would be my choice also because if you ever need replacement parts they are very easy to find
jeanie <----not an expert at all

Sorry, I don’t know much about the traditional spinning wheel from Ashford, but I do have an Ashford wheel. It is a wonderful wheel that is so easy to use. I like mine because it is smaller and compact so I can take it with me if I need to. I believe Ashford is one of the top of the line wheels, that’s what I was told by my friend who gave me my wheel anyway.

But not having used any other kind, I can’t give a rating. But Ashford is a wonderful wheel, and I love mine.

I have an ashford Travellor, which I really like…and as stated before the parts are easily accessible… but I recently bought 2 clemes & Clemes spinning wheels… and they spin circles around the ashford… and have huge bobbins to boot…I would check them both out and have her spin on them both if she can… would you mind sharing what they are asking for the clemes and clemes? as I have been unable to find much information about them…

Here is a pic of one of the ones I just got

See which one she likes best.:slight_smile:

My first and favorite wheel is my Ashford Traditional. If there’s any doubt go with that one. I’ve spun all kinds of fiber on it and it’s never let me down.

Great gift Mom!:cheering:

The woman was asking $150 for the Clemes. Unfortunately both of her wheels sold the day I told her I would take both–such is the story of my life…

…but I did find a used Ashford Traveller for a great price. I think dd will be very pleased-not to mention surprised!! Only 2 weeks until the unveiling!