Spinning Wheel Ornament

I was involved in a hand-made ornament swap this year, and my recipient is getting a spinning wheel for Christmas. So, I wanted to make her a spinning wheel ornament.

I did this by using a scroll saw (for the very first time!) to cut the shape from a piece of 1/4" thick poplar. I painted the wood white, then using decoupage medium, I added a printed picture of the spinning wheel. I think it looks pretty cool, and the recipient loved it! Just wanted to share the idea with everyone!!

Great job!!!

:happydance: It looks great!! She will love it…

We have been holding Ornament Swaps every year for awhile now…it’s always neat to see what everyone comes up with…ours is this Sunday…but we all live in a different states…we came to know one another on a boyds site…so we open with yahoo :teehee:

That’s awesome :slight_smile: