Spinning Wheel on The Sims Makin Magic!

For the past couple years, I’ve been playing The Sims 2 on my computer. It runs VERY SLOW, so I’ve been frustrated with it. I have two expansion packs installed also, so maybe that’s made it worse.

Anyway, this weekend, I decided to just take it off my computer, because it was so aggravating to spend all my time with that game WAITING instead of PLAYING. :help:

So, after removing all traces of The Sims 2, I got out all my old original The Sims games. (I have every single expansion pack.)

There they were:
The Sims, Livin Large, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, and Makin Magic. Eight games, which I spent over 200 dollars on, over the years.

I installed every single one of them, and was reading the back of the box for “Makin Magic”. I realized that I had never once played it! The Sims 2 came out the same year as “Makin Magic”, so I probably just skipped it, and went straight to the new game.

After installing all the games, I was excited to play them. It’s like a family reunion, or something! So cool to hear the old music, and see the old neighborhood, and watch the Sims being themselves. :heart:

Then, I was building a house, and buying stuff to place in the house. AND I FOUND A SPINNING WHEEL!!! :shock: My jaw dropped open, and I sat up straight in my seat. Unbelievable! I’ve had a Sims spinning wheel in my house all this time! :roll:

So, of course, that’s one of the first things I put in the house. I also got a butter churn, and a wine vat (for stomping grapes). So fun!

I watched my little Sim working at the spinning wheel, and it looks right! :woohoo:

I think I’m gonna build a castle, and fill it with fairy tale looking characters, all sitting and spinning together by the fireplace.

How funny!

I am also a (former, maybe) Sims fanatic. About every time I have upgraded my computer it has been for that game! I have all EP’s for Sims 2 except Free Time but w/ Bon Voyage it started lagging.

I haven’t played Sims 1 in so long! I had all the EP’s for that one too- it would be neat to boot it up again if I can find all the disks. I think I remember the spinning wheel (Making Magic’s decorations were my favorites) but I wouldn’t know if it was used properly because I have never spun.

Very cool!

ETA- I know exactly what you mean about the family thing- it’s very nostaglic- especially the music. Sims 2- the New Age radio station has the Sims 1 music (I forgot what EP that channel came with.)

Oh Shandeh, isn’t Makin’ Magic fun? I think that’s my favourite Sim1 expansion. I have Sims 2, but I have never been able to get it to work properly on my computer. Now they’re coming out with Sims 3, and I haven’t even had the chance to fully enjoy 2!
I love that you can make very gothic looking houses and your Sims can sustain themselves on all their homemade goodies. Have you planted a garden yet?
You’re making me want to pull out my Sims and all the expansions!

I have everything for Sis 1 & 2 except Makin Magic. Now I want it! When I bought my computer last year I installed 1 & 2. 1 worked fine until I noticed that I had forgotten Vacation. Since I installed it I can’t load the darned game! Gotta call Tech Support and gotta get Makin Magic! I wasn’t interested in the magic but I am very much interested in spinning wheels.

I know absolutely nothing about Sims… just wanted to say it is wonderful to find someone else that knows how to spell CYNDI!!


I played with my game again today, and built a castle, with a house full of ladies in long dresses. Here they are, all spinning! :slight_smile:

save your money, Sims 3 comes out next year.

I’m a simaholic… i have all the expansions for the sims 2… i have YET to be able to figure out how to get my sim to knit… all she does is sew.

Knitting is not there. Darn it! None of my Sims want to sew.

I seriously doubt that my computer can handle Sims 3.
It was C_R_A_W_L_I_N_G with Sims 2!!

I’m happy as a lark with my old Sims games. Plus, it makes me feel good using the games that I paid so much money for. Of course, now you can buy “The Complete Collection” for a song, which has all my games in it. :roll:

I used to have the Sims on my computer. I spent too much time on that game. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s pretty cool they put a spinning wheel in the new EP. It was a fun game but I didn’t think it was that well written. They were too concerned about copy protection and they intentionally put bad sections on the cds. You have to install all the EP’s in the right order or they won’t work.

i just recently reinstalled all the sims on my computer too, i have all but superstar…

I know quite a few good cheats if anyone wants to know them?

-maybe people already know them, not sure?

but if you press ctrl, shift and c together a grey box comes up.

to move your sims around, or things you cant usually move, type in
"move_objects on" and enter

After typing this, you can use it to make your sims mood full green, save the game first (or you’ll lose any skills gained) and in buy mode, lift your sim and delete it, then go to live mode and double click.

Also, type rosebud in the grey box to gain 1000simoleons.

typing “!” will repeat the last cheat, and typing ; inbetween ! will allow you to do many. A good way to gain lots of money quickly is after typing rosebud, bring the cheat window up and type “!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:” (<notice the end one is different) it will say no such cheat, but hold enter down and your money will go up.

Alllllsoooo, two i recently found out, if you leave 6+ pumpkins outside your front door, death will play knock a door run on your sims. an if you put a christmas tree in a room with a fireplace and a plate of cookies, get all the sims in the house to sleep by about 9 and make sure they’re sound asleep through the night, santa will visit between 12-1am.

:slight_smile: hope i didnt ramble too much, or tell you really obvious things.