Spinning Thick/Thin

Didn’t want to hijack the other thread:

Those of you new spinners who are worried about your overspun/underspun, thick/thin yarns … TREASURE THEM!!!

Last winter I wanted to spin & dye some Icelandic to knit & felt into clogs. I wanted it to be thick/thin, over/under spun. It was a real chore that I had to seriously concentrate on what I was spinning.

Usually, I’ll sit at my wheel, mindlessly drafting & spinning usually a pretty consistant yarn from 16 wpi to 25 wpi. With this yarn, I’d start spinning it like I wanted, then get into the zone and listen to the fiber (that wanted to be 16 or so wpi). I would then remember that I couldn’t do what the fiber wanted, I had to have the fiber do what I wanted.

I did eventually succeed. I had a few hundred yards left over and just finished knitting a sock from this. Wow! I like the way it turned out!!

Here’s some pics of the hardest yarn I’ve spun in 6 years:

After it was dyed:

And the clogs I made from it. The first two are pre felting:

Be [I]thrilled[/I] you can spin thick/thin, because when you start spinning like this …

you’ll have a hard time going back!

your thick thin is such pretty colors! :slight_smile: i guess i[I] should[/I] spin up what i’ve got now, and save it for when i want something more interesting :wink: