Spinning the wheel!

greetings to all! i am a knitter and carpenter. a friend of mine recently asked if i could build her a spinning wheel. she gave me instructions, and very, very simple drawings, from www.interweave.com. we don’t have much money to spend on proper plans. i want to start with the simplest, i intend to teach an all ages woodshop class, using this project!

I’m wanting to make a spinning wheel.
I’ve got plans for a Great Wheel with a tapered spindle in one of the Foxfire books but I want a treadle with double drive.

I can figure out everything but the flyer and bobbin easy enough. I don’t want to pay for plans when I know somewhere out there is a copy of an old book by someone like Ben Franklin with the real designs. I’d gladly pay for that book if I ever find it.

I guess if I never find it I’ll order some plans.

Good luck.

cloud9 :wink:

give thanks, i’m on the hunt, i would love to see what u have, bless, jissachar@hotmail.com

Foxfire is a book.

I think the plans are in Foxfire 2. A library should have it.

I really doubt if a Great Wheel is what you have in mind. It really wouldn’t take plans if someone had a basic knowledge of woodworking.