Spinning goals for 2009

hi KH spinners!

i was just thinking about where i’d like my spinning to go this year…

i’d like to try spinning some cotton yarn, a 2 ply laceweight yarn and focus on making more 3 plies for my own knitting.

what kinds of things do you want to learn or hope to master this year?

knitting or should I say purling… but its getting easier… gotta have some way to use this yarn I’m spinning:> I want to practice spinning bulky singles… instead of plying so much…

I am a brand new spinner, so my goal is to get better at spinning on my new wheel and a spindle.

I’m with you, Joanne! I’ve been spinning for less than a month and I just want to get faster, learn to use my wheel instead of looking at it longingly while spinning on a drop spindle.

I have alpacas so I have lots and lots of fleece in lots of great colors to spin. I also want to do a fair amount of felting. Major goal there is to make some great floor rugs with the coarser fleece that’s not suitable for garments.

Do you sell your alpaca fleece?

I absolutely do! I don’t want to break any rules by discussing in too much detail, but please see my website if you’re interested. And, I apologise, I don’t have pics of actual fleeces up yet, but on the alpaca page I do have all of my herd listed, so at least you can see what colors they are! :slight_smile:

I actually donated a lot of my fleeces to a great project starting up, the Alpaca Blanket Project, and every time I look for something and can’t find it, I figure that’s where it must have gone!

Some friends have worked for a couple of years now with Pendleton Wools and are having some great 100% alpaca blankets made. We’re very excited about it, it’s a great avenue for us alpaca breeders to have an end use for our fleeces. Many breeders are not into the fiber end so this project is a good start for more options!

Wanting to spin my plant fibers this year. I have about 2# of flax for over a year now that I haven’t touched.

DH gave me 8oz of hemp that I’m currently spinning (about 34 wpi!!) and I’m excited now about spinning the flax. Also bought a couple pounds of 50/50 wool/cotton to ease my way into cotton.

Also want to get more into experimenting with different dyes with fiber. Dyeing it in various stages - just scoured, before picking; after picking; in a roving; after spinning.

ah… it all sounds super good :slight_smile:

and flax! i forgot about flax… i’d like to try that too

I found the flax strick along with the flax roving. I better get busy finishing either the bobbin of hemp or the bobbin of cotton/wool.

Seems to take forever to fill a 4 oz bobbin when spinning so thin! argh!!!