Spinning bunny hair and charging for spinning - couple ?'s

hey all!

i know bunny hair is spinnable because of angora, but a knitter acquaintence has 2 stuffed full gallon-size ziploc bags from her jersey wooley rabbit, brushed him every single night for the 9 years he was alive, and would now like it spun. i am still a very new spinner, have had a wheel/spindle for several months, but my wheel class isn’t until this month so i haven’t gotten past just regular wool yet really because i’m challenged by soft things. :wink: anyone know if this will be spinnable? I don’t think the staple lengh is quite as long as an angora rabbit, but it looks long enough to me at first glance with what little knowledge i have. definitely longer than cotton. i am sure it will need carding/combing, though. my instinct is definitely spinnable, but wondering if anyone has experience with this specifically.

the other question is, she wants to pay me… i have no clue what to charge… i don’t want to charge a lot because she seems like a nice lady and i have a feeling it’s going to be fun to spin and good experience, but I also know I hate carding and it’s going to require quite a bit unless I can find someone with a drum carder maybe…

thoughts? thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Sounds spinable to me. If you need to make it more spinning friendly card it with wool. Corri or BFL. They have long staples. I’d find someone with a drum carder. Hand carding isn’t fun witht he fluffy stuff.

I don’t really charge for my spinning. Unless it has a lot of work with it. I see it as free fiber for me to practice with. If they insist on paying, I let them make up the amount or I ask for some sock yarn.

If its really nice yarn and you have enough of it once you’re finished (don’t want to short the nice lady) you might be able to have her pay you by keeping enough yarn to make yourself a small project - a hat or short scarf or some such.

I’ve been spinning angora for almost 15 years now and have yet to card it. I have, on occasion, sent some along to a mill to be blended with wool.

How long has the fiber been bundled up in a plastic bag? Not a good sign if it has been anything less than recent. If you have mini-combs, or just a good metal comb, you could try combing some of it. You know, like you were making your own angora roving… ?

When spinning pure angora, I prefer to just spin it without any prep. It simply doesn’t need any.

well i’ve actually never worked with bunny hair at all. it’s 9 years of hair built up, she brushed him every single day and saved it. the reason i thought maybe a carder is because there are some knots and matts, but i guess that would actually need a comb, huh… the staple length is fairly short, but i don’t think as short as cotton… i heard back on my spinning class and it’s next saturday so i’m going to bring what i have in there too… it might be too much work for me to get into, but i think i could probably talk the lady into the combing.


You shouldn’t have to prepare the fiber at all. Just grab a handful and start spinning it. If it has matts in it, it’s probably felted and you won’t be able to comb it out anyway. Angora will felt if you look at it funny!