Spinning books and wheel question?

I’m going to the book store today to get a book or two on spinning. Does anyone have suggestions? I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my wheel but I have no idea when it will be here.

Which brings up another question. I ordered my wheel locally because I would get free lessons on it. However, I was given no time frame for when it will be here. I ordered it last Saturday and was supposed to get a phone call on Monday with some info. Thursday came and no call so I called them and was told that they didn’t have a ship date yet. How long should I wait to call again? I don’t want to be rude, especially since the lady is giving me free lessons on how to use it, but I did pass up an online offer where I would have already had the wheel with no shipping, no taxes and free items.

The wheel:

I would be honest with her. Let her know that you are very excited about the wheel and don’t want to be a bother. Ask her how often you should call to check the status. If she spins, then I think she’ll understand.


I have yet to come across a spinning book that doesn’t make spinning look easy as pie. So, I only have two that I love.

Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. - It has lots and lots on awesome info. Even if you don’t want to make socks, it’s good. I think they are coming out with a sweater work book in the near future. I am so gonna get it.

Interweaves Reference booklet on spinning. It has a little bit of info on lots of subjects for spinning. Plus it is small and fits in my spinning basket.

I have Spin to Knit - it may be good for you if you like the patterns, but other wise all the info she has can be found for free online.

I am a visual person and learn by actually watching others and asking questions. If you are like this then look into the DVDs that are available. Yarn Barn of KS has some good choices.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Hi, i also agree with the twisted sisters sock book, I would add in the Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. Everyone needs to learn this, and some great info on color blending, and also using combs etc. A GREAT BOOK!
You can find it at Amazon and at most book stores.

As a shop owner, I suggest you stick with local, as she is the one who will be helping you learn to spin. It can take a while to get one, depending if her supplier has them in stock. I would expect an order of mine to take at least several weeks to arrive in my shop.

There’s nothing worse, speaking as the owner of a small local business, than having someone come in with a bag of online bargains and expect the shop owner to GIVE them instructions. Many of the online businesses are not paying rent, heat, staff etc, and can afford to undercut everyone else.

Good luck with getting your wheel soon, though. I can understand your eagerness.

I am a visual person and learn by actually watching others and asking questions. If you are like this then look into the DVDs that are available. Yarn Barn of KS has some good choices.

Liliyarn, I am exactly the same way. I have to “see” something done to learn it. Until I actually understand how to do something, anything I read is like Greek to me. :shrug:

I’m taking a spinning class next week. I’ve wanted to learn to spin since I sat and watched a neighbor at her spinning wheel when I was about 5 years old. This is my first chance at a real lesson! :cheering: However, the class is a one-day event, then I’ll be on my own again (small town, not many options). I’d love to order one of those dvd’s. Do you recommend a particular one of those for a brand spanking new spinner?

Brand spanking new spinner…I think there is one called spinning wool; the basics and beyond. It doesn’t get anymore newbie friendly than that.

Keep us in the loop of your spinning adventures!!

Brand spanking new spinner

LOL! You think I should change my user name? :teehee:

Thanks for that suggestion, and yes, I bet you’ll be seeing alot more of me in this forum once I’ve had my lesson. :happydance: