Spinning Alpaca

I am a new spinner (about 8 months), I have an Ashford Traditional. I am mostly spinning (trying to spin, going to spin) alpaca. I have access to raw fleece. I am looking for guidance from any experienced spinners. If anyone can give me pointers or resources that would help me I would be greatful. I am mostly having trouble with control and consistency. I am getting better when I spin wool, but the alpaca gets away from me and doesn’t seem to draft as evenly.
Another question has to do with single drive vs double drive. Any advice?
And, lastly, I am interested in selling alpaca roving and trying to get a feel for the market. Again, experienced spinners, what do you think?
(I am also new at this posting thing, be patient with me…)

I just recently ventured out from spinning wool to alpaca and I have an Ashford Traditional wheel as well. Big difference! I found that compared to wool, you need to slow down your treadling and let it twist more. I also found that I need to draft more slowly as well to get the thinner yarn. Every time I start spinning I have to repeat “SLOW DOWN!” in my head until I get the right pace.

I use the Joy of Handspinning website for reference when I need more information. I also ask the spinners on the Knitter’s Review Forums for help as well.

I can’t help much with the price of selling roving but you could research eBay and Etsy for what other people are selling it for.

Good luck and post lots of pictures!

I found that I like spinning alpaca better than wool!! Maybe it’s because I’m a new spinner and I can draft the raw alpaca better than the wool roving but I’ve been through a lb of alpaca and only a couple of oz of wool…I’m hooked! I have an ashford kiwi…just my two cents!

Alpaca is my favorite. I find it easiest to spin dirty and handcarded well into nice fluffy rolags. For me the draft is easier to control the more open it is. I’ll even pull bought roving open as much as possible.

Of my two wheels an Ashford Traditional and a Kromski Polonaise, the Ashford is the one I choose for alpaca. Handspindling it is especially fun.

Enjoy all that warm fluffy goodness.

Thanks for the info. I have been spinning dirty, which others have told me helps control the slip. I don’t like the way it feels though. I have not tried the slow down more spin approach which I will.
More practice, more practice.

Oooh… alpaca roving…

I’m just about to get into spinning… WOO!!

I went to a spinning class yesterday… asked specifically about Alpaca.

Teacher said that a ‘woolen’ spin (from the centre of the staple) with a tighter spin is what alpaca needed, as it’s a ‘hair’ as opposed to a ‘wool’.