Spindling enough sock yarn?

Has anyone actually hand spindled enough sock weight yarn to make a pair? I have 2 spinning wheels and numerous spindles, but I get bored way faster then I can ever get enough spun for a pair of socks…just too slow.

Anyone else?


I’ve spindled over 400 yards of sock weight wool, but never knit it into socks before.

Now a days, I rather spin than spindle


Before I got my wheel I spindled quite a bit of sock-weight yarn, but I never made socks with it because it was all for other people. :teehee: It does take quite a bit of time, but I found that if I was working with beautiful dyed roving, it wasn’t monotonous.

I’m guessing you would want a pretty fine yarn for socks. How would you measure it? Wraps per inch or something? And would you ply?

Yeah, gauge for handspun is usually measured in wraps per inch. I have a favorite chart that I’ll post when I’m able to get back to my computer.

I’ve read that 3-ply is best for socks, because it’s strongest.