Spindle and Spinning Kits

Ok, I think I am hooked, I would like to try spinning.

I went to a fall fest and they had a historial house with women in it doing candling making, quilting, and wool spinning, the old fashion way. I watched the spinner and talked with her for almost an hour, she even let me try her spinner, small upright model.

I found it interesting that you can make you own yarns and then make your own projects.

So, does anyone know if there is a place where I could buy a hand spindle (I think that is what it is called, spinning by hand, the low cost way to try this out) some roving and directions on how to do it, in a kit.

If any of you spinners would be willing to set me up and think I could manage it, please let me know.

Just what I needed, a new adventure. I give :yay:to any spinners for keeping this art form alive.


check here first, good info
I have the 3" hi-lo spindleand love it
how to use top whorl spindle
many videos of how to use 'em
8 min video on you tube
how to use a bottom drop spindle
spindle weights and how to choose
hope those help, I’ve saved all these in my favs.

I second the hi-lo spindle :thumbsup:

There are a lot of “learn to spin” kits out there, but the spindles can be really iffy. Learning to spindle can be frustrating…good tools will give you a better start, IMHO. I started with a kit spindle and didn’t really realize that it was part of the problem, until I got the hi-lo, which made everything sooo much smoother.

I’d recommend going to a shop near you so you can see the different kinds in person. Plus they usually give you a small bit of wool to play with to test the spindle out.

I like my top whorl drop spindle. I think a simple wood spindle of medium size would be good.

I bought my drop spindle here http://www.dettasspindle.com/
The website is kinda hard to find what you want, but the owner is so sweet and helpful.