Spin in

I got invited to go to a Spin in at a ladies house this Saturday! :happydance:
She is going to teach me how to use a drop spindle. She is giving me a CD drop spindle that she made and some roving to practice on. I am so excited! Just had to share :thumbsup:

Fun! Let us know how it goes!

Ok, either you forgot to post how things went…or you were completely disappointed with the whole spinning thing. Which one was it?

I thought that I did… :thinking: Ah well

It was great. The women were so helpful and funny. Honestly, getting a room full of women together that knit or spin or both and there is no telling what kind of conversations will be had! hehehe

Anyway the woman that showed me what to do was really patient with me explained everything and then let me go. They said I am a natural. :smiley:
Nothing like that to make me feel great :thumbsup:
There was more to it but I have a paper to wright. Needless to say it was a great night.

Well, I’m glad to hear that things went well. You are so LUCKY to have spinners available in your area. I haven’t found any near me, so I’ve been struggling along with videos and websites and books. I’m doing okay, but I know I would do much better with some one-on-one lessons.

Thanks for the update!

I had no idea that there were any spinners in Omaha until I did a search for spinning guilds that were in my area. I e-mailed the head of the guild and asked her for help in locating someone to help me spin or a place that I could locally get fiber and a spindle. I bet that if you look for a spinning/weaving guild that is close to you they would be happy to help you find someone to help you out. There are small spinning retreats in the area and lots of smaller fiber stores that I had no idea were here. Good luck!

ahhhh Omaha… I was hoping those cornfields were more like in NY!
I’m still waiting to learn, don’t have the $ to pay right now.