Spiderman's Afghan

I have 2 little grandsons who are eyeing this project. I think I’ll have to put it up until I have made a 2nd one so they can each have one. The final round had over 750 stitches in it. Holy Moly it took forever to get around it by the end.

I got the pattern here: http://sites.google.com/site/muro73/patternsinenglish

[B][SIZE=3]That’s awesome![/SIZE][/B] :yay:
750 sts [B]and[/B] all those ends to weave in[SIZE=3]!!![/SIZE]

You will certainly have to have both finished before giving.

Yes - spoken from one knitter to the other - ENDS TO WEAVE IN is right!

That turned out AWESOME! I’m sure your grandsons will love them! :woot:

I had seen this pattern online and bookmarked it for future use, but I found the idea of crocheting the vertical lines a little intimidating (my crochet skills are pretty weak! :rofl: ). Was it as difficult as I’m thinking, or should I suck it up and give it a try? :teehee:

I’m crochet - impaired, and this was absolutely not difficult. You could do it.

Good to hear that the crochet portion wasn’t too difficult (and that I’m not the only one who’s crochet-impaired! :rofl: ). I’ll definitely be giving it a try in the future! Thanks!

That turned out so neat!! :thumbsup: The black lines really make it look like a spider web. I dislike having to make the same thing twice, especially two in a row. But 2 little grandsons are a big reason to persevere. :lol:

How COOL is that!!! Any little guy is sure to adore it!!!

That’s amazing! :yay:

Wow, that looks great! I think my grandson would love it too.

I think it is really adorable. Good luck with the 2nd one,

That is really eye popping! No wonder both little guys want one!

Here is a picture with one little grandson (grandpa accidentally gave it to the first one who come over, without knowing the “issue”). Now I’ve really got to get cracking on the 2nd one.

How is it guys “never get it”, no matter what their age.
But I’m sure he is [B]very[/B] impressed with your knit and excited to show it off.

No end in sight for those endless ends. :eyes:

Very cute picture!

that blanket is AWESOME! Great job and lucky grandkids!

I agree - it turned out AWESOME!

Fabulous! What perseverance these two projects took! Wonderful work!!!