Spider pattern

I’m looking for a pattern to put on the front of a mitten. I’m hoping for a spider. I’m able to find them online but they all need a 40 stitch spread to be able to do it. I need something closer to 15 or 20? Any ideas?

Posted to you on General forum:

I apologise if I led you to feel dumb. It was more the issue of people ‘sending you patterns’ that caught my eye. You may be unaware that we’ve had a few copyright issues on the forum. I also thought posting on the other forum [now THIS one here] may actually bring you more responses because posters in the past have indicated they don’t always look at [the other] forum.

You can send your spiders to maul me if you like. :slight_smile:

The spiders will be in Australia shortly to maul you. This is a cool thread too, thanks for the advise. Are you the person who actually runs/started this web site?

No LOL Amy is…if you look at Home on the top bar and then at the technique videos you will see Amy’s hands!

Oh…that’s cool. See any spiders yet? Okay i printed the graph paper. So now i just draw in a spider?

I believe you were supposed to put in the jpeg of a spider…see on that page there is a frame and it says ‘browse’? You are meant to offer the application an image of a spider…a jpeg image…and it will translate that onto the graph for you. Try some free clipart sites for an image if you don’t have one.

This is one site. Put spiders into the frame and look. But google free clip art spiders and a run of sites will show. If push comes to shove you COULD draw it in but the point of the application was to do that work for you:


yea i did that one but it doesn’t make them as small as i need for the front of a mitten.The smallest i could get was 29*64. She sent me another link that just prints out graph paper and you draw it on i guess…but it’s not going so well!

If you have photoshop or a similar application, you can resize the jpeg down and then enter into the program. If you want them really super tiny, yes, the application may have problems but worth trying with a resized image.