Spider-man, Spider-man

These are the spider socks I knit for my 5 year old. He loves them, now my 7 year old wants black ones with silver beads. I got the patter from here

HeartStrings FiberArts Spider-Web Sockies Pattern

My link isn’t working I will try again


I love those… I never know what to knit my son… he asked me to make him socks, but turned up his nose to all of my ideas… I bet he would go for these…

Great job :thumbsup:

Very, very cool!

Too cute! My grandson would love them. Thanks for the pattern.

Those are so cute!

Those are so cool, I should make some for my husband, lol. He would LOVE them!

Way cool! :sun:

My sons would have LOVED those when they were little.

I guess I can’t knit any for them now. They’d probably look funny wearing them at the age of 20 and 22. :teehee:

Those are too cool! I bet he wants to wear them all the time!

Those are great!! My boys would LOVE these, even the 12 yr old-LOL. Thanks for the pattern link!

These are amazing! WTG!

Cool. I’ll have to try those when my son gets bigger.

Thank you for everyones compliments. I have yet to start on my other sons version of these socks. :muah::slight_smile:

Cool socks for a Spider Man fan!