Spell checker that can be used with forum

It has bothered me for a while that there is no spell checker when I write posts to the forum. Some of you probably already know about this, but there is a spell checker you can use with Internet explorer, http://www.iespell.com/ and one that can be used with firefox http://spellbound.sourceforge.net/. Both are super easy to install and once they are, all you have to do is right click on the text you want to check and a box pops up just like in a word processing program. You can use it to check any input text you put in your browser.

Just thought this might be some useful information is misspelling is a pet peeve like it is for me :slight_smile: (when I do it…which now that I am getting older, seems like much more often!)

Google has one on their tool bar now too. i use it all the time (well a lot of the time…lol) the only sites i see that it doesn’t work on would be things like MSN groups where it opens a new window to create the post. has a translator too!

I had the google toolbar for a while but I wasn’t wild about it. Maybe I’ll have to give it another shot.

oooh i love the google toolbar and get irritated when any other toolbar tries to take over from my google! now that i have managed to condense all my links and toolbars into two lines i am veddy happy. i haven’t even had much need for other popup blockers other than theirs.

ooooh and did you know you can google from your cell phone too? all you have to do is send a message to 46645 (google minus the E) with the information you are looking for and it will come back with a response. doesn’t find everything of course but it has saved me some 411 calls! :smiley:

Now that I would find useful! I’ll have to put that into my cell for future reference.

Thanks Kemp…there is a spell-check mod for phpbb that I’ve used on other boards, but it’s really cumbersome. This will be helpful! Also…Blogger’s spell check hates me, perhaps because I use Firefox. Can’t wait to try this! :smiley:

Kemp…ara ouy mpling that I mispel a worrd or too?! :roflhard: :roflhard:
Sorry, could NOT resist…thanks for the link :wink: