Speeding up my needles

Hi all:

I just started a new pair of socks and had to get a new pair of dpn’s. I don’t know if it’s the wool yarn I’m using or the needles themselves (they are aluminum) but they are so slow and sticky!! My stitches aren’t slipping off them like I am used to and it’s wacking out my gauge!! I have knit for a few years and never had this happen before.

Do any of you have any suggestions for speeding up my aluminum needles?

What are the fastest dpn’s? I live in a small town and we don’t have a LYS so I can’t see some of the cool needles I see online.



I had a Boye set get scratched after one hat. After that they were dragging. It didn’t change my gauge but it sure annoyed me.

That wasn’t a problem with my Bates DPNs but they are extremely rounded tips.

My KP nickel DPNs seem to be holding up better, I think my double knit socks would be the same amount of stitches as the hat.
The nickel is also very slick.

I was worried when I found out the KPs were made in India because I’ve had bad luck with India’s metal work before, especially plating. But so far they’ve impressed me with the KP stuff.

Try rubbing them with a piece of wax paper.

Is it possible that you’re knitting more tightly than usual?

I bought a bunch of bamboo DPNs on Ebay:p and when I started using a set I discovered that they were very slow. :hmm: I tried rubbing with wax paper and it didn’t seem to help much. I think they haven’t really been properly prepared.
Someone in a thread awhile back suggested using tung oil and I wondered if anyone else had tried that.
I also knit pretty tight unfortunately.:knitting:

I tried the wax paper and they still drag. I do usually knit pretty tightly but with these needles it’s very loose. I haven’t tried the WD-40, scared to go rootin’ through my DH’s stuff in the garage, never know what you’re gonna’ get in there.

I cannot knit with wood or bamboo needles, although I love the look of them. Way too sticky. Maybe I’ll give the nickel plated ones a try.

I was kidding. Please don’t put WD40 on your needles!

Oh, duuh. I’m so very gullible!! Thanks for telling me before I actually did it in desperation!!!

You could try cleaning them with alcohol, dry them throughly then rub with wax paper.

Thanks a bunch!!!:muah: I did try that trick just now, the alcohol seems to have helped the wax paper do it’s thing. It’s not perfect but it’s better. I may have to frog the sock and start over, the stitches are so very loose…

Would nickel needles be nice and slippery??

Yes, nickel plated are very nice and slippery. I use KP needles and they have pointy tips and have a really really slick, smooth surface. I’m also a tight knitter, and I LOVE THEM :slight_smile:

I would think that several coats of varathane would also work. I think that a similar finish on the Harmonys is what makes them so shiny and slick. My husband and I used to build the occasional horse drawn cart and we used tung oil as a finish. It takes multiple coats and I don’t think it would be very slippery. It was originally used as a marine finish on wood to protect it from the water.

Yes. Many people find them [I]too[/I] slippery, especially in dpns, but I think they’re great.

when mine get sticky i just take a chlorox bleach wipe (i use the yellow container, theone that doesn’t contain actual bleach as it irritates my skin) and just wipe them off with the bleach wipe them off with a tissue.

I bought some bamboo needles, i HATE THEM… but natch they’re the only size 6 dpn’s i can find!

I wouldn’t suggest using actual bleach, it tends to not like metals.

Hi There Sometimes when I knit, I put baby power on my hands and it seems to work?? Also makes your work smell good. Good luck:knitting: