Speedier purling?

I can easily knit twenty stitches in the time it takes me to purl five or six. I knit English style, and it just seems to tedious to swap the yarn to the front, then purl, etc. I’ve looked up various other styles, but they don’t seem to fit with English knitting very well. Either the stitches get twisted, or I’d need to adapt my knitting to the same style as the purls. This is a problem because I’m about 3/4 of the way through a hat.

Just wondering if there is anything I could do to speed up my purls to match my knits.

Please and thank you,
Jinxie (:

If you’re new to purling after just knitting stitches, it may just take some time. I find purling English almost easier and faster than knit sts, the needle’s already pointing the right direction. I don’t like doing seed st or ribbing with alternating knits and purls on the same row however, so I just avoid doing that.