Spectator Sports

Well, now that classes are over until January, I have way too much time to think. Here’s my latest musings…hmmm…think I just might blog this…

Ok. I’m trying to figure out when going to a high school sporting event became, for the adult spectators (i.e. parents), more about trying to figure out the names of the girls (or the boys) who are giggling and, basically, acting dumb around us.

See…I took my daughter to the boys soccer game last night. Of course, the kids are sitting a few rows up — but loud enough for us to know they are there. The parents are watching the game but eyeballing the girls and guys in the stands. You know what we’re all doing? Trying to put faces with the names we hear all the time.

Plus, we’re trying to figure out which parent goes with which child. Cause you know…my daughter likes someone’s son. Is it you? Could I be sitting beside the parents of the boy who my daughter likes, spends lunch with, and sits on the couch at youth group with?? Gee…I hope I don’t say anything dumb…like maybe something about their child who is now making grievous mistakes on the field.

Ok. So the boys won the soccer game, but did I get any closer to figuring out who birthed the boy who wants to be more than just “friends” with my little girl? Guess I’ll be going to a lot of those games…

we don’t have that issue… I’m fairly open about the kids having friends over (if it’s opposite gender the bedroom door stays OPEN. and the only reason opposite genders are allowed in bedroom is because of little brothers). I usually meet them before their parents meet our kids (i have no issue driving the kids to the movies, etc).

Course i also deal with boys :slight_smile:

I have a son too, but he’s not interested in girls yet. Thank goodness! He goes to the games to throw a football around with his friends while his sister plays.

I just found it interesting…guess you can’t help things changing, eh?