Special Scarf for My Arizona sister: Silk? Pattern also?

[SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]I want to make my sister a special scarf. Not too difficult, probably a simple lace pattern. But since it’s so darn hot there, of course there is all that airconditioning… I’m wondering if you have any yarn suggestions. Silk probably but maybe a mixture. I’m looking for names of yarn that you found were beautiful but no wool. She’s quite elegant so I want an elegant scarf!
vat do you tink?

Oh, she wants it in white! I just found this: Debbi Bliss Stella


I am in a similar situation trying to decide what to knit during the summer… my hands start sweating and itching :hot: just thinking about wool :noway: :noway: :noway:

I found this pattern on knitty


it could probably be done in a variety of non-wool fibers.

I do want to make some fingerless gloves and am considering a luxury fiber such as cashmere or alpaca, I would love qiviut but I am not that rich :roll:. Bags, purses, totes and shrugs are also on my short list as well as some more baby things. Plus I am toying with the idea of knitted and felted flowers to be used on other things come fall and winter.

Looking for more ideas on Hot summer knitting

Thanks for the pattern at Knitty! It’s pretty, but a little too much work! I want something quicker I think.

I’ll bet you could make fingerless gloves in a cotton or cotton/blend, that’d be interesting. I never did it but I can see them working when it’s not too cold. Oh, I recently bought some Bamboo yarn, one skein coz it’s a bit expensive (I think $12) and I can’t wait to work with it, it’s incredible! Soooooo soft.

I just got my trial issue of Interweave Knits,for Summer and there are many many great summer things to knit. Take a look at it if you haven’t! It was so good I just wrote out the check to subscribe!

Here’s a pattern for a lace scarf based off the feather and fan lace pattern. It’s pretty and airy and would do well with a nice cotton yarn. It’s about halfway down the page.


This looks like a great summer scarf, I have already purchased a nice Schaefer silk to do it in.

I live in AZ and what I see is popular around here is lite skinny scarfs.

A pretty silk or soy yarn could do the trick, or you could try something shiny like glitter spun from Lion Brand, i always got good results with it. Good luck!


Isn’t silk one of the best insulators? I thought it was supposed to be super warm.

Thanks Liz & Ginny… I like both those scarves! I found one at Knitty that is hearts (I can’t find it at the moment) that I think I might make coz we (my sister and I) have sort of reunited after a long absence and I like the idea of hearts.

About silk, they say it’s really warm in the cold and actually cool in warm weather. I know the warm part, I’m not sure about the cool part but I’ll try it. I might use cotton though or a cotton/silk.
Thanks also for the tip about skinny scarves in AZ! That’s good to know!

Ohhhh, a cotton/silk would be nice. I didn’t mean to be rude or anything about silk’s warmth, I was just curious!

No problem Knitgal! I didn’t see anything rude there… the only rude thing is how expensive silk yarn is! :teehee: