Special knitting pattern

is there a knitting pattern that has three separate strings of yarn that intertwine cause id really like to know

[U]Please[/U]…when asking questions please be more specific.

There are many patterns that use multiple colors using various methods. What exactly are you looking for?

sorry its just i dont now as to how to be specific .Im really new so I dont understand all those abbreviations.I was just looking for any pattern that has three strings that intertwine in any way.:knitting:

First off, they’re not strings, they would be strands of yarn. And you don’t need a special pattern necessarily if you want to knit with 3 held together, just treat them as if they were 1 strand and knit on huge needles. If you mean 3 different colors and want to knit a few rows with each color, that’s stripes. Knitting a picture with 3 colors is called intarsia, and knitting a piece with 3 colors in a pattern - a few stitches with one color, the next sts with another color - is called stranded or fair isle. So there could be at least 6 answers to your question without more information. If you have a picture of what you mean, a link to it would be helpful.

sorry no picture i do not know how to do that. So all I have to do is act like those three strands of yarn is one strand?

So all I have to do is act like those three strands of yarn is one strand?

Yes, and use a really large needle, like a size 19 or 25 or 50.

perfect! thanks!:woohoo: