Special Gift from the Mods to Amy and Sheldon

As most of you already know, Amy and Sheldon recently had a sweet little baby girl! cloud9

The nine moderators of the KH forum all worked together to make a blanket for the baby. We thought that the rest of you would enjoy seeing what we made. :slight_smile:

The finished product!

Each of us made a square, using Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn in red, orange, or yellow.
Square #1 - Jan in CA

Square #2 - Ingrid

Square #3 - Jeremy

Square #4 - Suzeeq

Square #5 - Shandeh

Square #6 - ArtLady1981

Square #7 - Kemp

Square #8 - dustinac

Square #9 - Silver

When the squares were all complete, I seamed them together and added a crochet border.

Closer view of the border:

We really enjoyed making this blanket together! :muah:

That’s so pretty! I love the bright colors and that each square is unique. Great work everyone!

Aww - that is just the sweetest, most wonderful gift!:heart: What a terrific keepsake! You all did a wonderful job, and I love the combination of patterns that keeps it so unique and interesting!:yay:

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, we used the following colors of Plymouth Encore Worsted yarn for the blanket:

Red: 1386
Orange: 1383
Yellow: 1382
Sage Green (for border): 1232

That came out great! I’m sure this is a gift they will treasure. You guys are the best!

What an amazing gift!


Now, you know why I was too busy to do as many Oddball projects this year…:wink:

That is one nice baby blanket; they say bright colors are good for them, you certainly picked the right ones.

What a lovely gift :cheering: You mods are awesome! I’m sure Amy and Sheldon will appreciate it and cherish it for a long time:thumbsup:

That is such a beautiful gift. Love all the different squares. Well done to all the Mods

What a delightful color combination!

What a lucky baby!!


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:inlove: wow, they’ll all 3 love it!!! What a beautiful gift~well done! :thumbsup:

What a wonderful gift for the new arrival ! It is beautiful :slight_smile:

What a beautiful baby blanket! You all did beautiful squares!! It will be treasured for years to come! :slight_smile:

Absolutely beautiful!!! :yay:

What a beautiful gift. Great work everyone.

What a beautiful blanket! :aww:

That is a beautiful and thoughtful gift! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. :inlove:

How pretty! What a sweet thing to do. I’m sure they’ll all love it.

Such a beautiful, thoughtful gift! Amy and Sheldon are going to love it!