Special Abbreviation Question

I purchased a Brioche Beanie & Mitts pattern as shown

Are there videos for the following special abbreviations:
Sy = Yft, sl 1 purlways, yon ready to K2tog or K1 as instructed.( Have not heard of this stitch)

2inc = (K2tog, yfwd, K2tog) all in same 2 sts (Sy sts) … 3 sts.
Ldec = Sl 2 tog knitways (Sy sts), K3tog, p2sso.
Rdec = Sl 2 tog knitways (Sy sts), K1, p2sso, slip st rem back to
left-hand needle, pass foll 2 sts (Sy sts) tog over this st, then slip st
back to right-hand needle.

The best I could find for the Sy is a video with a yarn forward, slip one, k1, psso. You can follow the video but don’t do the last step, the psso.

For the 2inc, k2tog but don’t remove the 2sts from the left needle, make a yarn over and then knit those same 2 sts together again. Now slip the 2sts onto the right needle.

Ldec is really as the directions, slip 2, knit the next 3 tog, pass the 2 slipped sts over. the stitch made from the k3tog.
Same with the Rdec.

The most helpful thing may be to make a small swatch and practice these operations one at a time till you’re confident you have them down.
It’s really a lovely looking pattern for both the hat and mitts but I see at least one complaint on Rav about the abbreviations and the pattern.

Thank you:slight_smile: I will be posting the brioche patterns that I completed that you helped me with months ago, I just need to find where I put my pictures, they turned out great and having a hard time keeping them everyone wants one.

Wow, that’s great to hear! We’re looking forward to seeing the photos.
I just noticed 2 forum poste (tab toward the upper right) that might help with the sts. At least you’re not alone.