Speaking of yarn

Like aren’t we nearly always talking about yarn? :wink: Anywhoo… I click on these sites everyday and just for kicks this morning I went their store… and they have yarn! Just a little bit of it, but money goes to your choice of a good cause depending on which store you click through. Just thought I’d share.

Edited the URL…it now should go to the main site. Just click on store and search for yarn.

I kinda like this one and it’s a good price right now.

BTW… WHAT is KWIM??! It’s not on my list of forum acronyms. :lol:

KWIM=Know what i mean

:doh: Need more coffee…NOW! Thanks. :wink:

as a breast cancer survivor, almsot 9 years!!, thanks for the link. I’m always interested in any places that donate part of a sale to research etc.

well the other day i saw one posted that made me go :thinking:

still don’t know what it meant. and the funniest part of it was that it went something like

MVV? (i don’t remember what the last letter was!)

So it was “MVV? KWIM?”

i had to chuckle to myself cuz i truly did not know what they meant…still don’t obviously.

btw…that first link goes to some weird bad code page…second goes to perdy yarn though!

I changed it, thanks for the heads up. :wink:

YMMV = your mileage may vary (as in, you might not get the same rsults, but it’s worth a try) :smiley:

That is what you call a win win situation.
Yummy yarn, great cause, Gotta love it!