Speaking of snobbery

I will still go for acrylic if it fits the project and the budget (Although I knit with it very discreetly, what with the snob effect with some knitters). But, last night, as I was gnawing my way through a piece of Cadbury chocolate, I realized that I have become a chocolate snob!

Since learning that 70% chocolate is brain food, we always have a bar of it in the house. On an emergency run to the nearest QuickieMart last night, the best I could do was a Dark Choc Cadbury bar. I thought, hmmm, I used to eat Cadbury for special occaisions, so it must be good.

Well, no. It was like chewing on a chocolate scented candle! It had happened; I had become a snob. :doh:

I personally find the Dove dark chocolate to die for!!! :inlove:

Me too…I’m all about Dove…Hershey’s just doesn’t do it for me anymore! :wink:

Dove is the best!!!

Ahh… Chocolate snobbery…


I’m one of the biggest chocolate snobs I know… :smiley: If it’s not at LEAST 60% cocoa (over 75% is better), then I just refuse to eat it.

I won’t touch Cadbury’s, Nestle or Dove.

It has to be at the very BARE minimum Lindt chocolate.

I’m very fortunate to work surrounded by couture chocolate places.

Lindt being one
Haigh’s (which is an Australian family owned hand made chocolate)
Max Brenner
Jeff de Bruge (which is a French chocoleitere <sp??>)

Also, single origin Equadorian DARK chocolate is amongst my favourites…

My favourite after lunch finisher is a piece of Lindt 99% dark chocolate with a shot of espresso… (coffee snobbery is another story !! )

So Chocolate Snobs… STAND PROUD!! Demand quality chocolate!

My basic theory is, if it’s available in a petrol station… it’s probably not worth eating… :wink:

See’s Candy
Only See’s Candy

Snob or No
Only See’s Nuts and Chews


Maybe it’s just the low-brow way I was raised, but Hershey’s is still my favourite. I’ve tried all of the ones that ya’ll have listed, and I STILL like Hershey’s better. Oh well. More for me if you don’t want it. :smiley:

I’m definately a chocolate snob. Won’t touch cadbury or any of that (though I do LOVE reeces peanut butter cups). I am all about the Green & Blacks dark chocolate. The milk choc is nice too but sometimes that feels a bit crumbly. I also really love some of the German chocs with marzipan in them. Liffi are a great german choc - dark chocolate coated marzipan with a fruit in the middle laced with booze =P The apricot ones are Mmmmm!

If the word chocolate is on the label…just stand back 'cause I’m coming through!

i’ve never had any high-end chocolate (except for the random Godiva piece here and there). I feel like I’m missing out!!

Godiva has a Dark Chocolate truffle that is 72% cocoa dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell dusted with cocoa powder (called extra dark chocolate truffle). I LOVE IT. Whenever I’m in the mall I stop by a Godiva shop and buy a few of those truffles and a few of the Dark Chocolate truffles and a few Cappuccino Truffles. YUM! Perfect PMS food.

I agree with AidanM! Hershey’s is terrific; love those chocolate kisses! We’ll eat all the Hershey’s and you folks can have the rest! :thumbsup:

My DH is a chocolate snob…dark chocolate only. But only because I feed the addiction!! Me…I love the Lindt White Chocolate truffles, just a little above room temperature so the inside is liquidy…yummy!

Lindt is my chocolate of choice, but I do love Cadbury! Godiva doesn’t do that much for me. And even though cheap chocolate does taste odd after the creamy wondrousness that is Lindt, I do still eat it because, well, I can’t indulge in Lindt as often as I’d like. I wuv Hershey’s kisses, too…I can’t be snobby towards a childhood friend :wink:

I also like hershey kisses =P Its a rare treat to get Hershey here =D

EEP for you Cadbury fans :wink:


well see now that was what i was just coming to post!

LONDON (Reuters) - Cadbury Schweppes Plc said on Friday it had recalled over 1 million chocolate bars in the UK and Irish markets in a precautionary move, because they could contain minute traces of salmonella.

okay–I’m not happy w/ you all right now b/c I want chocolate so badly but won’t eat it when pregnant… okay…I do sneak a piece every now and again)…but…here’s my 2 cents…I HATE hersheys although I do love peanut butter cups too!! I Love lindt, love ghirardelli, and I love Muntz (not sure if that’s spelled correctly). We have a german couple who has opened a muntz store nearby and they swear it’s the best in the world…I admit, it is lovely!
I never cared much about chocolate until once in high school my boyfriend’s uncle, who was living in Madagascar at the time…decided to mail chocolate to my boyfriend’s mom w/ a note saying that it must be eaten immediately b/c it wasn’t just wax like the yucky stuff in the US–I don’t remember what it was I just remember that it melted in my mouth like butter!

Well, I TOTALLY fed my chocolate snobbery yesterday.

DH, my niece & I went to the Blue Mountains (about 2 hours west of Sydney), and sussed out at least THREE couture chocolate places…

Thick Belgian Hot Chocolate after lunch at one…


Some dark chocolate covered hazelnuts and some handmade truffles at the next…


Dark Chilli Chocolate in a block
Dark Chilli Chocolate Truffles
Dark Chilli Chocolate Toffee
Dark Chilli Chocolate Fudge
Dark Chilli Chocolate… ICE CREAM!!!


Needless to say, this girly is very happy at the moment… :wink:

I wholeheartedly disagree. I LOVE Coke and Wonder bread and I find those in gas stations. And my favorite condiment? French’s mustard. A six pack of Coke, a loaf of Wonder bread, and a bottle of French’s is lunch for a week.