Speaking of not having any knitting shops around

I live about 2 minutes drive, ten minutes walk, from one. I don’t like it, thanks to the crappy customer service from one of the owners, and will only go to it to see if there is something that I desire that I can’t find from the other 5 in my area. Rarely do I buy something from this particular shop.

The other one I am closest to, a 12 minute drive in the city, I adore, and will pay more to buy things from there. Glad I am not the only one who will drive longer to not put up with crappy CS.

YES! THERE SHOULD BE!!! :rofling:

I do have one within 4 miles, but I rarely can afford to buy anything there because this is NAPA. I did score a few yummies at her first sale - she’s been in business a little over a year now. I love the owner to pieces too, so lucky in that regard - she’s very down to earth and nice, but doesn’t hesitate to say what she thinks! She makes fun of me for perusing her books, because she knows I rarely buy them at full retail, but she always remembers my name, tells me to say hi to my mom and has the best advice on yarn and color.

I used to go to another shop that was 25 minutes away when I went to that town to get my hair cut, but she retired. So I guess within 30 minutes is my max.

Ditto to Jamie! Same shop even! It has a great name - Ewe’ll Love It!