Speaking of neat edges.....?

Hi! Ingrid just mentioned slipping the last stitch on a row to keep it tighter (our new male knitter’s question) and I was just wondering this last night.

I’m making a thick vest for my DH and just got started, a little above the bottom ribbing and since I’m going to be sewing two sides together (rather than working on a circular) do you think I should slip the first and last stitch to make the edge neater for sewing? I could go look for EZ’s book but I’m not sure where it is or if she addresses this.

You can do it either way. It will make a neater edge, but when I sew seams, I prefer to have a stitch for each row to sew into. It’ll work either way, though.

Hey INgrid! Merry Christmas! You’re at your usual lightning-speed response I see! Thanks for the answer, I think that’s good too.

I’m off this week, so I’m knitting and computering today! :wink:

If you slip the first stitch, can you use that stitch on each edge for seaming or do you then have to go to the next stitch in when seaming?? I’m thinking you’d have to use the next stitch in, so you’re basically wasting two stitches (one on each side), don’t you think?? I guess unless you have purposely added an extra stitch on each edge just to make it nice and neat. Hmmmmmm :thinking:

I do the selvedge stitch thing. When I’m seaming, I use the entire first stitch in the seam. I try to get my yarn needle in between the first and second stitches. It makes the neatest seam I can do, and there’s no real stitches lost. I think some patterns take into account that you will use half a stitch for the seam, but I don’t think a one stitch difference is really gonna be noticable or matter in the long run anyway.

Just my 2¢ CAN,

do you think I should slip the first and last stitch to make the edge neater

Well, but you can’t slip both the first AND the last stitch on every row, because that would make the edges one stitch tall. Pick one to slip and one to knit. For instance, always slip the first and knit the last.